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Our Trades

TRADES The team at Devine Tiling & Home Renovation has over a decade of hands-on experience when it comes to performing any renovation, tiling and flooring jobs! As a business, our philosophy is very simple. We strongly believe that each of our clients deserves nothing but the best. All our tradesmen are handpicked to serve the highest standards of professional, quality workmanship.

Below are listed some of the trades our qualified tradesmen are adept at

Bathroom Renovation


Our minds react positively to soft colours, no matter where we are. It might be undervalued but perfectly painted walls make a house hundred times calmer.
We have all heard how walls have ears but our experienced team of painters can also make them speak volumes.
We at Devine Tiling & Home Renovation have a team of skilled painters who know what you need and can help you with your colour requirements for home interiors and well as exteriors….

Bathroom Renovation


Our experienced handymen can help you remodel any space in your home as long as you are happy with it. Every tradesman in our team is fully qualified and well up-to-date with all the latest developments and innovative designs of floor and wall tiling’s. Be it feature walls, paving, stone work, caulking, tile removal or waterproofing wet areas; our experts can do it all. Also, with their expertise in screeding services, they can help re-level any uneven spaces to perform the tiling jobs of your dreams.

Bathroom Renovation


Home renovations are exciting but also very intimidating and time consuming. There is so much to take care of, from installations of new appliqués to creation of so many new things! When you choose Devine Tiling & Home Renovation for your home remodelling projects, you get all the handymen you need under one roof. Our expert carpenters are available to help out with any word work and installations be it creating bulk heads or just simple shelving.

Bathroom Renovation


At Devine Tiling & Home Renovation we understand how cumbersome it is to outsource different handymen for different jobs and that’s why we ensure we offer everything under one roof. Our certified electricians are highly qualified and experienced with wire work and lighting and can help out with any and every electrical requirement that may come up in your renovation project.

Bathroom Renovation


With years of handling kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations; we understand the need for a good plumber to be on the job when needed. Our team is fully capable of handling any plumbing work that might be required for your project completion so that you do not have to worry calling one when the need arises.

Bathroom Renovation


Be it flooring or tiling, plastering is a very crucial part of any home remodelling project and at Devine Tiling & Home Renovation we only hire the highest of the highly skilled plasterers to assist you in renovation your dream home. A smooth base leads to a smooth end, and our plastering handymen are qualified enough to know just that!