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Bathroom Renovation

Things to consider before starting Bathroom Renovations!

  • July 7, 2021

We all know how tedious it can be to get your home spaces renovated while you are living in it and bathrooms are one of the most time consuming renovations of them all! However, the feeling of a well refurbished and decorated bathroom not just makes you want to spend more time in your house but also adds to the overall value of your property manifold.

Its a fact that no one just wakes up one day and decided to renovate their bathroom or any other space for that matter. It usually is always a very well thought of an informed decision. Either your bathroom is feeling old and raggedy or the tiles are chipping off from all the wear and tear! Maybe it’s the mould build-up, the cracked grouting, the dysfunctional layout or the need to build a new bathroom altogether!! Whatever your motivation behind the renovation might be, at Devine Tiling we are always up for the job!


However there are a few important tips that you need to take care of before you start your bathroom renovations:


Budget : When it comes to remodelling your home spaces, budget is perhaps the first thing that should be taken into account. In case you haven’t already set aside a budget for your project and want to dive straight in, it is always a good idea to make a list of your “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” for your bathroom! This way it prioritises what needs to be done and whatever budget is left can be utilised towards the less essential things and any extras your heart might desire!


Time: In case you are living in the house while the bathroom is under renovation, the time taken to finish the project might become a major concern for you! Firstly, you need to ensure that you have a spare working shower and bathroom to use during the remodel. Secondly, talk to your contractor and chalk out a tentative timeline for the project and how long it will take. No matter how small or large your bathroom might be, the renovation time usually depends on the complexity of the project and not the size!


Plumbing : When it comes to plumbing, people in general use the 1.5 inch drain pipes for their shower. However with soap suds s and hair, the chances of clogging increase. This can be solved with replacing your 1.5 inch pipes to a more durable 2 inch pipe which comes at a negligible price increase but makes life so much easier. Do consider the plumping pipes before finalising on what exactly you want for your bathroom!


Cabinets and Storage Space : It’s always nice to have extra storage in your house but planning cabinets and shelving can be very tricky especially if you have a small or irregular shaped bathroom. While deciding on the cabinets make sure you consider the functionality of it and how it fits with the overall design and feel of the bathroom.


Walls and Flooring  : Te bathroom wall and flooring options are very versatile as long as they are waterproof. Be it granite, marble or ceramic, you can go with any material which suits your style. The only thing to consider here is that the tiles should be durable and slip resistant.


Lighting : In our expert opinion, the first thing to consider in bathroom lighting is what style you want it to be. In case you want natural light, make sure to remodel your bathroom in a way so that it lights up brightly via windows. But in case you are in for mood lights, try creating the design in a way to suit this tone and style of decor from the very beginning!


Matching the rest of the house : We agree that every home has its unique style and you might also want every room to have its unique independent theme, but it’s always a god idea to keep your home spaces looking cohesive and the same applies to your bathrooms. Try and make sure that the materials and the lightings you choose for your bathroom match with the overall look and feel of your home as well!


Sometimes the most difficult part of a Bathroom Renovation project is the decision to start it! And that’s all what is needed really! With our experts and qualified tradesmen you can leave everything else on us and enjoy a spectacular bathroom of your dreams in absolutely no time!

Give us a call today and let us help you build your dreams!

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