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Quality Leaking Shower Repairs in Melbourne

If you’re in need of leaking shower repairs in Melbourne, contact the bathroom renovation and waterproofing specialists at Devine Tiling & Home Renovation today. By studying and analysing the common structures and materials used in standardised bathrooms, our specialists have been able to develop innovative and long-lasting solutions for water leakage. 


Our team has the expertise and experience to quickly and efficiently track down the source of any leaks. We can repair the leaks, ensuring they won’t happen again, while also assessing and repairing any water damage. 


With professional waterproofing, you’ll be able to protect your property from the effects of water damage. Common problems caused by water leakage including:


  1. Structural damage to the foundation of your home 
  2. Warping walls and ceilings 
  3. Growth of mould and mildew 
  4. Electrical complications 
  5. An increase in water bills 


Besides shower waterproofing, our team also has years of experience dealing with leaks in toilets, laundry rooms and balconies.

Bathroom Renovations

If you’re looking to waterproof your shower, it’s also worth considering if you want a complete bathroom renovation. Through our services, not only will you be able to upgrade your shower, you’ll also be able to renovate your walls, tiles, bathtub and vanity area. Remodelling your bathroom will allow you to optimise your washroom in terms of design, storage and functionality.


Based in Point Cook, the Devine Tiling & Home Renovation team can provide bathroom renovation services to homeowners across Melbourne.

Get In Touch

At Devine Tiling & Home Renovation, we focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty. When we work on a property, we want to make sure that the end result is cost-effective and long-lasting. Our priority is developing long-term professional relationships with all of our loyal customers.


If you’re after leaking balcony repairs or a complete bathroom renovation, we’ve got you covered. To discuss your renovation or waterproofing requirements, give us a call on 0434 245 555 or contact us online today.